Tuesday 1 April 2008

How to Sell Your Head

I was going to write about the lack of advertisements in Sao Paulo, Brazil. But then I saw this:


Jane said...

Wonderful. On 1st April my partner Ian brought me a cup of tea in bed and then looked out of the window and said "Wow, there's a coyote on the front lawn!". And I believed him.

Alice said...

Glad you liked it - I met the film maker at a party the night before, and couldn't resist posting it. The Sao Paulo thing is true though, I still might get around to writing about it one of these days.

Trying to fool you before you'd even had a cup of tea in the morning is a bit mean really. Most days you can tell me anything you like before about 10am and I'll barely even understand.

OLED - Organic Light-Emitting Diodes are fascinating, especially in Portugese.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. That looked so painful. I don't think it's a bad idea. If there was a product you really stood behind - like ENN.com or something like that. What the hell?

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Anonymous said...
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