Sunday 20 April 2008 Is Crap

My STUPID e-mail account is TOTALLY inaccessible because NO pages will load at all because is so CRAP.

Apologies to anyone trying to contact me by e-mail - if it's urgent and you don't have my phone number then try leaving a comment here.


James Higham said...

Try g-mail.

nick-s said...

I had the same with Bluebottle for a while but it's working again now. Who knows how long for this time !
I'm using several e-mail accounts at the moment. Do you have any alternative e-mail accounts ?

Alice said...

OK, the bluebottle address is working again now, although the SPAM filter now doesn't work at all and still no message from administrators to apologise, tell anyone what's going on, etc.

I've gotta account which you can probably guess if you know my bluebottle address. I don't check it very often though.