Sunday 9 March 2008

Fallen Tree

I went for a walk the other day about half a mile up the road from my house, and saw this:

Down at my end of the road police tape usually means either a recent shooting or a massive car crash, but at the posh end in Roundhay the police apparently isolate the public from fallen trees, presumably in case anyone fails to notice a huge tree trunk of maybe two and a half feet diameter and bruises their knees by walking into it.
Both the tree and the wall are probably about 100 years old. Somehow that's an impressive but not completely unimaginable length of time, and I stood for ages just looking at this massive dying tree, wondering things like how much it weighed, what the place was like when it was a little sapling, and how terrifying it must have sounded when it fell.

Certainly puts a few other things into perspective, anyway.



Nick-S said...

Like your remarks about the different ends of the road. So true about so many areas !

Ralph Mills said...

Hey, I'm nearly as old as that tree :-)

At least you have trees in your street.

nick-s said...

Good point there commoner.
I didn't have trees when I moved into my 4th floor multi storey block. I was lucky though, I had 2 external balconies.
Now I've got a 9 foot eucalyptus tree that started out as a twig 2 years ago, scrounged from a garden centre.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Not sure how to email you, so forgive the comment here.

You might be interested in this video featuring British eco-designer Oliver Heath on using recycled materials in the home:

Keep up the great work! Cheers; Kevin Reed

nick-s said...

Good video. Thanks Kevin.