Wednesday 17 October 2007

Number 1 Green Blogger!

Oh wow, look - I’m apparently Number One Green UK Blogger!

Jim Jay of The Daily (Maybe)
has done the chapter on "The State of Green Blogging" for the Guide to Political Blogging by Ian Dale. He’s included a list of the top 20 green blogs, and there at the top of that list with a number 1 next to it is THIS BLOG!

I’m a bit stunned really, I didn’t realise that anyone actually read it apart from people searching for “Are tea bags compostable?” on Google. Lots of people are obsessed with compost. Anyway, now you can vote for the "people's choice" blog out of the top 20 list, so if you'd like to further boost both my ego and my astonishment then you can vote here.


Grendel said...

Good for you, well deserved!

Jim Jepps said...

Absolutely - very well deserved

Anonymous said...

woo-hoo! Nice one Alice. I'll vote for you.