Saturday 2 June 2007

Accidental Art

Came home from work for lunch. Put an egg on to boil. Forgot about it and went back to work. Returned home four and a half hours later. Pretty, isn’t it?

Any idea how to get rid of the SMELL??


Ralph Mills said...

The smell has probably gone by now, but next time you dry-roast an egg, try vinegar, which seems to neutralise bad smells. Smouldering brown paper alsa works, but you have to watch smoke alarms. Vinegar also cancels out the noxious after-presence of cigarette smokers... Just pour some into a shallow bowl (vinegar that is, not smokers).

Alice said...

I'm still getting the occasional whiff even now, it was terrible.

Any idea how to deal with the noxious after-presence of NON-smokers?