Tuesday 24 April 2007

Spencer is a Genius

A friend suggested that I cut a door flap in the bender greenhouse and then open and close it using laces like on a marquee. At last I can visualise a bender greenhouse door solution that might actually work. I've got loads of gaffa tape (never leave home without it) to reinforce the cut edges and could probably lace with the washing line I found with bits of concrete on it - I KNEW that would come in handy for something!

When I learned finger knitting as a child I had no idea that it would actually prove to be a useful skill later in life...

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Ralph Mills said...

How about using self-adhesive magnetic strip or velcro tape? Both obtainable from a craft shop. Then you wouldn't have to cut holes in the plastic. Not sure how waterproof either solution might be but if the flap lifted upwards (i.e. the "hinge" was at the top), and overlapped sufficiently then not much water would get to the tape.