Saturday 17 November 2007

Wiggly Leek

Oh yuck. I've been really ill this weekend with a very nasty tummy bug thing which I'll spare you the gory details of. Suffice to say that my entire digestive system now contains only half a packet of bread sticks and five cups of chamomile tea.

I haven't been able to see any friends or go anywhere for fear of infecting people or falling over with dizzy weirdness, but I did manage to take a bag of fallen leaves to the allotment this afternoon to get myself a change of scenery. The last couple of years my plot has been pretty bare by November, but I've got quite a few things still growing this year which cheered me up a bit.

Although all my pumpkin plants died months ago in sheer disgust at the state of the weather and the slug population, all the onion sets that did nothing all summer are now visible under the frost bitten nasturtiums and have suddenly grown into proper onions, so they might just get me through the winter after all. The rainbow chard is bolting and I'm hoping to collect the seed, and I've got loads of huge purple sprouting broccoli that I'm already eating leaves from here and there.

I've also got my first really good crop of enormous leeks, and I brought a nice fat one home with me this afternoon. For some reason it turned out to be all wiggly on the inside:

I wonder why?

Hoping that by the time I've made leek and potato soup I'll actually be able to eat it...


James Higham said...

Ah, the soup which is going to come from that!

DocRichard said...

I just want to say that my spuds got blight and the slugs got my brassica, but I believe that it will be better next year.

Alice said...

Lord J-R - Very good soup indeed came of it, and I might just put the recipe up here before I run out of stored potatoes.

Docrichard - Here's to that! Absolutely BOUND to be miles better next year, if you ask me.