Wednesday 12 September 2007

September 11th 1973

Lots of people put 9/11 remembrance posts on their blogs yesterday, and although I've missed the 11th, I wanted to do my own here.

What happened to the twin towers was horrific, and by posting this I don't mean to justify it in any way. But 11th September is the anniversary of other atrocities too, including one that's less well known and more personally relevant to me.

This is a short documentary about the significance of September 11th 1973.

Que no nos olvidemos.


Mousie said...

Fascinating and enlightening.

A timely reminder for us all.


James Higham said...

Such a pity I can't get YouTube. Now I'll just have to guess what the atrocity was.

Alice said...

Why can't you get YouTube? This is the URL if that helps