Sunday 19 August 2007

Climate Camp

So here I am at the lovely Climate Camp!

I put my stuff down in a marquee and walked straight into a tactics workshop consisting of several hundred people practicing dealing with police lines as Jedi Warriors and Storm Troopers. Very amusing, especially watching the pretend police get carried away with giving each other orders and shouting "BACK!", and the (for the time being) pretend protesters reacting almost primally to a line of hi-vis jackets, cheering when they managed to elbow and shove the pretend police around and break through their lines.

How useful any of it will be tomorrow I have my doubts, but it did give me a chance to look for familiar faces, of which there are plenty. I seem to have missed the party night yesterday and tonight is supposed to be a quiet night so
we can all get some rest, and concentrate properly on training about how to make quick decisions by consensus in affinity groups on actions tomorrow. Apparently.

Someone is gently strumming a guitar outside my tent, I'm in thermals in my sleeping bag and have my ear plugs in. If we get evicted in the middle of the night then hopefully I'll just sleep through it.

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James Higham said...

What on earth is a climate camp?

Alice said...

What's a climate camp? One of these:

The news reports from people there are here

More from me soon, when I'm not on an antique computer with a dial-up connection.

Mr Toad said...

Sounds great Alice. I really love the low tech solutions to problems.

... and speaking of gadgets & stuff I've eventually replyed to your question on my "Partial Success" post - sorry about the 2 month delay...