Saturday 16 June 2007

Blake's 7

For a long time I've been telling highly skeptical friends that even if they don't like sci-fi they'll like Blake's 7. It's got complex characters, moral dilemmas, cunning plot twists and political themes, and although the fourth series is distinctly patchy (especially when they all start kissing - yuck!) it's well worth persevering with. I saw the final episode a few days ago and I'm still in shock.

Did Blake betray them all? Or did Avon betray Blake? Will the resistance continue or does the Federation win? I need to watch it again, and if you've never seen it then so do you. Even if you think you're too cool for science fiction.


Ralph Mills said...

Terry Nation, who wrote lots of Dr Who and Blake's Seven, lived just up the road from my parents' house when I was a teenager. I think he got many of his ideas for monster aliens (which in those days were usually bipedal, in order to save costume costs) from watching us cycle past...

Mr Toad said...

I used to watch "Blakes 7" compuslively. I can remember the first episode quite clearly but have very little recolection of the last one... Strange really.

Mind you, my most enduring memory of the series was having rather impure thoughts about Servolan... Ho hum, that's teenage boys for you!