Sunday 22 April 2007


Listening to Radio 4 yesterday I realised that the reason for the huge traffic jam outside my window was that someone had been shot dead in a takeaway a few doors down the road from my house the night before. It seems he was killed at about the time I was watching Blake's 7 at a friend's flat next door.

Doesn't seem very long (although having looked it up it's about 18 months) since I last came home to find my house in the middle of a 1/2 mile police cordon, when a man held his former partner hostage in a house on Bayswater Grove and came out to shoot at police cars and put a few bullets through neighbour's windows.

I have decided that the next time I see some stupid film ad with guns in it on this street, which I frequently do, I'm going to vandalise it as thoroughly as I can and let them arrest me and listen to my reasons in court. It's just offensive.

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Ralph Mills said...

Your area looks very much like the area of Nottingham in which I live. Nice old Victorian and Edwardian houses, corner shops and a healthy ethnic mix plus an underbelly of drugs and poverty-related crime that earns it an undeserved bad reputation. Ironically the wealthy (and snooty) areas get targetted by more "real" crime because not many people around here have cars worth stealing or houses worth burgling. You have my support for your guns campaign...